Black Friday – 2016

jacksonville game center black friday 2016 specials

**Foreign Box Pricing link updated!

Hello everyone!

One of the most common questions we’ve been receiving recently, as expected, is, “What kind of sales will you be having for Black Friday?” The answer is quite simple!

Almost everything!

Here’s a big post about a lot of the things we’ll be having on sale this weekend, up and through Cyber Monday.

board-gamesAll In Print Games 15% – 40% Off!

If we’ve got it available, and it’s not Out of Print, it’s discounted at least 15% off! Our pricing tends to fluctuate frequently so we can give you the best deal, so if something is missing a price, be sure to ask a staffer for more details!

Bundle your Expansions!

After we discount each title by at least 15%, we’ll also take off an additional 5% from your total charge for each expansion you bundle together with the main game, for up to a maximum of 20% off of your total!

All Games from the Top Shelf are 40% off!

Call it a “Top Shelf” discount! We’ll be replacing the titles as they’re taken down, so be sure to check back whenever you can through Christmas to see if the title you’re looking for has been marked down!


Planechase: Anthology – $140 (Limit 1)

The hotly anticipated release, Planechase: Anthology, is available as of Friday, 11/25! We’re letting our first few copies go for a sale price of $140 while supplies last, with a limit of one per customer.

Commander 2016 Decks: $30 ($45 for Atraxa still!)

We’re marking down all of our C16 Decks to $30 through the weekend, except for Breed Lethality, featuring Atraxa, Praetor’s Voice, which will still be fetching a premium of $45.

However, you can still get all 5 decks for $140, which is a $25 discount even after the sale price! If you’ve been on the fence about picking up a set of C16 decks for yourself or for a gift, this weekend will be a great opportunity for you!

Foreign Boxes!

We’re marking down all of our foreign sealed MTG Booster Boxes! For a list of what we have, please follow the link at the end of the post, and enquire in store for additional pricing information!

All non-standard Singles 15% off!

If it’s a Magic: The Gathering card from a set that is not currently in standard, we’ll be chopping 15% off of the price until Monday closes! Everything from Dual Lands, Judge Foils, Masterpiece Series, and Expeditions will be receiving the cut. If you’ve had your eye on something shiny in the case, come on in and let’s see what they’re going for!


Yu-Gi-Oh Box Pricing!

Prices listed below are effective starting Friday, and end Monday night!

  • Destiny Soldiers – $59.99
  • Invasion: Vengeance – $64.99
  • The Dark Illusion – $64.99
  • Shining Victories – $64.99
  • Breakers of Shadow – OUT OF STOCK
  • Dimensions of Chaos – $64.99
  • Darkside of Dimensions Movie Pack – $64.99
  • World Superstars (Galaxy Soldier!) – $39.99

Pick up two or more boxes and get an additional 5% off of your order!


Cardfight!! Vanguard Box Pricing!

Most full size boxes will be $55.00 or LESS. Small size booster boxes will be between $30 and $35, with one super special pricing on Vanguard & Deletor at $25!

Pick up two or more boxes and get an additional 5% off of your order!

All Force of Will Boxes $70!

Most Dragonball Z Boxes: $60!

DBZ Vengeance Boxes: $65!


Rogue One Special!

With Rogue One: A Star Wars Story releasing this holiday season, we’re putting up a hefty markdown on ALL of our Star Wars merchandise! If it’s got a Star Wars logo on it somewhere, we’re chopping 35% off of its price! This includes ships, board games, box sets, figurines, and even action figures! However, Star Wars: Rebellion will have a special sale price of $85, and is not included in the 35% discount.

And, no, it does not include our Giant Pez Dispenser which is not for sale!


All Dice are 15% off this weekend, including Pound-‘o-Dice!

Every Dragon Shield box purchase at $10.99 will include a free pack of Perfect Size sleeves of the brand of your choice! All playmats, including JGC Mats and Ultra Pro, will be $19.99 across the board, and each purchase will include a complimentary Monster brand playmat tube while supplies last. Every brand of cards sleeves will be 15% off for the weekend!

All Deck Boxes, 20% off! All Binders, 25% off!

And one last mega deal, FOUR Brand DeckTutors will be marked down to $30 (Original Price $50) for the weekend!

Thank you for reading through everything! If we missed something that you’d like to check and see if we’re offering special Black Friday weekend pricing on, please don’t hesitate to ask us at any time!

We look forward to seeing you in store!

If you’re looking for the Foreign Box pricing, please click here!