Ixalan League & Standard Showdown!

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We’re bringing some more changes to our lineup!

Along with the changes listed previously in our Friday Night Magic update, we’ve got some more updates for you regarding our Standard Showdown Sunday tournaments and news about our Ixalan Magic League.

Saturday: Ixalan Magic League

Saturdays are now our official League Day for the Mid-Season Ixalan League. Each Saturday, regardless of your match record, you’ll be able to purchase a discounted booster pack to supplement your league deck!

What is Magic League? Check out this short video for an explanation.

Starting now, with the official League Day being every Saturday, players can participate in this unique “Three Pack Sealed” style of Magic: the Gathering play against any League opponent, anytime and anywhere!

You start with three booster packs of Ixalan and a unique box to keep your League contents in. Play games of Magic against other League players whenever you want, including at home or in between tournament rounds, or just for fun up at the shop. Record your wins and losses, because every third game loss you get will allow you to purchase an additional pack of Ixalan to supplement or rebuild your League deck!

At the end of the season, special prizes will be awarded for certain benchmarks! Like,

Most Games Played
Most Players Recruited

and others! We look forward to seeing some games of “tiny magic” happening soon!

Complete ten matches and receive an Unclaimed Territory promotional card!

Sunday Standard Showdown

Also beginning this weekend, we’re changing up how our Sunday tournaments are structured! Sadly, we have discontinued the tried and true “Sunday Win-a-Box” (it was never a win a box, that just meant we started the prize support at 36 packs for 8 players!), and are proud to show off our new Sunday tournament structure!

Time: 3:00 PM
Entry: $5
Prize Support: 1 Pack with Entry, 1 Pack per Match Win

Where does the Showdown part come in? Wizards has supplied us with a limited amount of Standard Showdown booster packs, to which any player that reaches two or more match wins will receive one!

So that means that for $5, you can potentially finish with a prize of four booster packs and a Standard Showdown pack! And, at the very least you get your entry pack!

Each Showdown pack contains two rare or mythic rare cards, one foil card from any standard legal set, and a super sweet promotional basic land featuring panoramic art by famous MTG artist Rebecca Guay!

Click that link to check out her art, or click here to see a list of Magic cards that were drawn by her as well!

See you this Sunday!