What’s On Your Wishlist?

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Looking for a certain card?

Our singles website jaxgamecenter.com has some robust features you may not have had a chance to utilize, from the Deckbuilder Multi Search, to the very specific Advanced Search. “Very specific” might not be a strong enough descriptor for how narrow the Advanced Search feature can get. For example, click here to browse every Grade 3 Angel Feather card we have in stock from the game Cardfight!! Vanguard.

The card you’re looking for is out of stock? Click the wishlist button!

As soon as the item is added to our inventory, adjusting it from zero to any number, any item you have wishlisted will be emailed to you post haste! You can follow the link contained in the email to take you directly to the item’s store page and check out right away!

So now, we’re offering a discount for users and players who take advantage of this feature! If you purchase a card via a wish list, just show us the notification and we will cut the price of each wish listed card by 10%! If you were the example above, you would be saving over $40 just by being notified that the card was now available!

This feature works great for anything from tournament level staple cards to rare and obscure variants of cards that you might be specifically looking for, so don’t get discouraged when you see “Out of Stock”, just click “Add to Wishlist”!

In conjunction with this promotion, we will also be bringing back our weekly “hot list” of cards you can sell us for a little bit extra than their normal amount!

You’ll be able to pocket some extra cash or even more store credit, and do your part for the tournament scene by placing cards you’re not using back into the community!