Pax Magnifica Bellum Gloriosum – Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition!

twilight imperium fourth edition board games jacksonville game center
You’ve probably heard of Twilight Imperium before.

Originally released twenty years ago by Fantasy Flight (yes, the first edition came out in 1997!), this legendary title has received a fresh coat of paint in it’s twentieth year!

So what’s new in the galaxy?

Aside from an updated fine-tuned and streamline ruleset that the veteran TI players out there will enjoy, Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition combines the existing expansions of Shattered Empire and Shards of the Throne into one big box!

Simplicity is no longer an option. With seventeen playable factions, support for three to eight players, and an estimated play time of four to eight hours, you’re in it for the long haul!