AL Season 7: Welcome to the Jungle

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Season 7 of Adventurers League began with a bang this last Saturday! Three full tables braved over five seperate short adventures as part of their introduction to the land of Chult.

What’s On Your Wishlist?

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Our singles website has some robust features you may not have had a chance to utilize, from the Deckbuilder Multi Search, to the very specific Advanced Search. “Very specific” might not be a strong enough descriptor for how narrow the Advanced Search feature can get. For example, click here to browse every Grade 3 Angel Feather card we have …

Ixalan League & Standard Showdown!

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Along with the changes listed previously in our Friday Night Magic update, we’ve got some more updates for you regarding our Standard Showdown Sunday tournaments and news about our Ixalan Magic League. Saturdays are now our official League Day for the Mid-Season Ixalan League. Each Saturday, regardless of your match record, you’ll be able to purchase a discounted booster pack …

Weekend Pass – Ixalan

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Click below to lock your weekend down! Are you planning on attending as many Ixalan events as you possibly can? How does sitting down for one for free sound? Join us this weekend using the Weekend Pass and get four prerelease entries for the price of three! This group of entries applies specifically to the following events. You MUST be …

Empire At War Has Arrived!

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The newest expansion to the Destiny universe has arrived at Jacksonville Game Center! We will also have additional promotional material included with each purchase of a booster display. From the Clone Wars to the rise of the First Order, the Star Wars™ galaxy is constantly in a state of turmoil. When villains look to impose their oppressive will upon the …

Tomb of Annihilation!

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– Wizards of the Coast Somewhere in the jungles of Chult lies an ancient necromantic artifact, the Soulmonger. Far to the south on a mysterious and mountainous peninsula, a disease is eating away at the population, and no healer, mage, or otherwise knows a cure for this affliction. Where once you could look to the temples and clerics for hope …